Source code for arrested.handlers

import json

from flask import request
from werkzeug.exceptions import BadRequest

__all__ = [
    'Handler', 'ResponseHandler', 'RequestHandler',
    'JSONRequestMixin', 'JSONResponseMixin'

[docs]class Handler(object): def __init__(self, endpoint, payload_key='payload', **params): self.endpoint = endpoint self.params = params = None self._errors = None self.payload_key = payload_key
[docs] def handle(self, data, **kwargs): """Invoke the handler to process the provided data. Concrete classes should override this method to provide specific capabilties for the choosen method of marshaling and serializing data. :param data: The data to be processed by the Handler. :returns: The data processed by the Handler :rtype: mixed Here's an example of a RequestHandler integrating with the Kim library. .. code-block:: python def handle(self, data): try: if self.many: return self.mapper.many(raw=self.raw, **self.mapper_kwargs) \ .marshal(data, role=self.role) else: return self.mapper(data=data, raw=self.raw, **self.mapper_kwargs) \ .marshal(role=self.role) except MappingInvalid as e: self.errors = e.errors .. seealso: :meth:`Handler.process` """ return data
[docs] def process(self, data=None, **kwargs): """Process the provided data and invoke :meth:`Handler.handle` method for this Handler class. :params data: The data being processed. :returns: self :rtype: :class:`Handler` .. code-block:: python def post(self, *args, **kwargs): self.request = self.get_request_handler() self.request.process(self.get_data()) return self.get_create_response() .. seealso: :meth:`Handler.process` """ = self.handle(data, **kwargs) return self
[docs]class JSONResponseMixin(object): """Provides handling for serializing the response data as a JSON string. """
[docs] def get_response_data(self): """serialzie the response data and payload_key as a JSON string. :returns: JSON serialized string :rtype: bytes """ return json.dumps({self.payload_key:})
[docs]class JSONRequestMixin(object): """Provides handling for fetching JSON data from the FLask request object. """
[docs] def get_request_data(self): """Pull JSON from the Flask request object. :returns: Deserialized JSON data. :rtype: mixed :raises: :class:`flask.exceptions.JSONBadRequest` """ try: return request.json or {} except BadRequest: return self.endpoint.return_error( 400, payload={'message': 'Invalid JSON data provided'} )
[docs]class RequestHandler(Handler, JSONRequestMixin): """Basic default RequestHandler that expects the will pull JSON from the Flask request object and return it. """
[docs] def process(self, data=None): """Fetch incoming data from the Flask request object when no data is supplied to the process method. By default, the RequestHandler expects the incoming data to be sent as JSON. """ return super(RequestHandler, self).process(data=data or self.get_request_data())
[docs]class ResponseHandler(Handler, JSONResponseMixin): """Basic default ResponseHanlder that expects the data passed to it to be JSON serializable without any modifications. """ pass