Flask-Arrested: A Framework For Rapidly Building REST APIs with Flask.

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Introducing Arrested

Take the pain out of REST API creation with Arrested - batteries included for quick wins, highly extensible for specialist requirements.

from arrested import ArrestedAPI, Resource, Endpoint, GetListMixin, CreateMixin,
from example.models import db, Character

api_v1 = ArrestedAPI(url_prefix='/v1')

characters_resource = Resource('characters', __name__, url_prefix='/characters')

class CharactersIndexEndpoint(Endpoint, GetListMixin, CreateMixin):

    name = 'list'
    many = True

    def get_objects(self):

        characters = db.session.query(Character).all()
        return characters

    def save_object(self, obj):

        character = Character(**obj)
        return character


Flask-Arrested Features

Arrested is a framework for rapidly building REST API’s with Flask.

  • Un-Opinionated: Let’s you decide “the best way” to implement your REST API.
  • Battle Tested: In use across many services in a production environment.
  • Batteries Included! Arrested ships with built in support for popular libraries such as SQLAlchemy, Kim and Marshmallow. Using something different or have your own tooling you need to support? Arrested provides a rich API that can be easily customised!
  • Supports any storage backends: Want to use “hot new database technology X?” No problem! Arrested can be easily extended to handle all your data needs.
  • Powerful middleware system - Inject logic at any step of the request/response cycle

🚀 Get started in under a minute..

Use the Flask-Arrested cookie cutter to create a basic API to get you started in 4 simple commands. https://github.com/mikeywaites/arrested-cookiecutter.

$ cookiecutter gh:mikeywaites/arrested-cookiecutter
$ cd arrested-users-api
$ docker-compose up -d api
$ curl -u admin:secret localhost:8080/v1/users | python -m json.tool

The User Guide

Get started with Flask-Arrested using the quickstart user guide or take a look at the in-depth API documentation.

The API Documentation / Guide

Detailed class and method documentation